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Obama Eases Sanctions On Sudan – Lifeline For Bashir Or Catalyst...

AFRICANGLOBE - What's behind Obama's 11th-hour decision to lift sanctions on one of the world's most isolated regimes? In one of his final acts in office, US President Barack Obama announced last Friday the partial lifting of sanctions against Sudan, paving the way for normalisation of ties with one of the most isolated countries in the world.

There Are Sanctions Against Zimbabwe Stupid

AFRICANGLOBE - These sanctions have been an unmanned drone causing so much untold suffering, killing in numbers and maiming in thousands. They are losing us a generation of Zimbabweans. The whole world knows it. They confess about it in their headlines.

EU Set to Ease Illegal Sanctions On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - As Zimbabwe prepares to vote on a new constitution, European Union countries are working on a deal to reward Harare by lifting some of the bloc's punishing sanctions against members of the government, diplomats said Friday. A deal was due to be announced Monday at talks between the bloc's 27 foreign ministers,

President Mugabe Threatens to Seize European Owned Firms

President Robert Mugabe yesterday warned that Zimbabwe may be forced to seize foreign companies owned by countries that imposed sanctions on the country. Officially launching...

The EU and America's Illegal Sanctions on Zimbabwe: White Economic Warfare

Sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by America and the European Union are an act of aggression. Much like war which causes monumental developmental and humanitarian damages sanctions have wrecked havoc on the life of ordinary Zimbabweans.