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Prosecutors Seek 48-Month Prison Sentence for Jesse Jackson Jr.

AFRICANGLOBE - Federal prosecutors have asked for a prison sentence of 48 months for former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., who admitted to using campaign funds for lavish personal gifts and other purposes not permitted by law.

U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Pleads Guilty to Misuse of Campaign...

AFRICANGLOBE - Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, January 20 to criminal charges stemming from the personal appropriation of $750,000 from his political campaign fund. Jesse Jackson Jr., son of former civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, pleaded guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors. Widely published reports of extravagant spending on luxury items and frivolities by the Jacksons—until recently darlings of the pseudo-left layers in and around the Democratic Party—has shattered any remaining illusions as to their “progressive” credentials.