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‘I’m Such A Failure Right Now’: Mother Pleads On Craigslist For...

AFRICANGLOBE - The way Tyshika Britten saw it, she had a choice. She could explain to children who still believe in Santa Claus that some years are harder for him than others. She could stand on the street with a sign and a bucket. Or she could turn to an unlikely place for help — Craigslist. She began typing. “I am a mother of six, 5 boys and 1 baby girl,” she began.

The Dutch Don’t Think It’s Racist For Santa To Have Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Every year around this time, people in the Netherlands paint themselves in blackface and go around pretending to be Santa’s African slaves. According to polls, 92% of Dutch people think this is just fine.

Fear Of A Black Santa, Black Jesus And Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - There are more stars in Creation than all the grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts in the world! And the White man, Jesus Christ, we are told is the Creator behind everything that ever was, is and will be. As you may know Christianity, Judaism and Islam all spring from the same root.

Santa’s Color: How A Fictional Character Represents Race In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Well this week I’ve been outdone by a Fox News anchor who emphatically stated not only that Jesus was White, but that Santa Claus is White too.

Mall Santa Charged With Groping Teenage Girl

AFRICANGLOBE - A 62-year-old man with a bushy white beard who played Santa Claus at a Massachusetts mall has been charged with groping a teenager playing an elf and barred from the shopping center. The pair worked at a Santa photo booth at Hanover Mall in Hanover.