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Satelite Technology Firms Scramble for Nigeria's Second Satellite Contract

Different satellite builders and service providers from around the world are at the moment polishing their briefcases ready to storm Nigeria to slug it out for who grabs the contract to build the country's second communications satellite.

Satellite Sentinel Project Releases Images Showing North Sudan War Crimes in...

The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released new visual evidence that the Government of Sudan has committed grave violations of the Geneva Conventions and other war crimes, some of which may also constitute crimes against humanity.

Sudan Armed Forces Mass Additional Troops, Tanks, Artillery Within Striking Range...

AFRICANGLOBE - The force includes troop units of at least company size, towable artillery pieces, main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and Heavy Equipment Transports capable of reaching Sudan's North-South border or Abyei town in less than a day.

Space science thriving in SA

South Africa is collaborating with Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria, in an initiative known as the African Resource Management Constellation, to launch a fleet of satellites that will help African nations to more effectively manage their natural resources, and better monitor disasters.

General Satellite Corporation Ready to Put Money on the Table for...

The back-drop to the interest in DTH Free-To-Air broadcasting is the shift to digital amongst Africa's terrestrial broadcasters.

Africa's New Dawn satellite in orbit

Intelsat New Dawn, Africa's new communications satellite, blasted into orbit from Arianespace's rocket station in Kourou, French Guiana on 22 April. The satellite has...