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Saudi Arabian Prince Makes Unprecedented Call For Removal Of King In...

AFRICANGLOBE - A senior Saudi prince and grandson of the state's founder has issued an unprecedented call for change in the country's leadership. The kingdom has been buffeted by a series of setbacks recently: The precipitous drop in the price of oil, Saudi Arabia's key export, a draining war against Shi'ite rebels in neighboring Yemen and, most recently, two disasters during the recent hajj in Mecca that left over 800 people dead.

Ethiopia Arrest Saudi Arabians On Suspicion of Financing Terror

Ethiopian authorities on Sunday have arrested six Saudi Arabian nationals on suspicion of financing terrorist activities in the country. Saudi Arabian media claim that...

Ethiopian Billionaire Mohammed al- Amoudi to Invest $3.4 Billion in Ethiopia...

Derba Group, an amalgamation of three Ethiopian companies owned by Ethiopian born Saudi billionaire Mohammed al- Amoudi, said it plans to invest 59 billion...