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Another Black Man Dies In Police Custody In Georgia

AFRICANGLOBE - The statement given by the police, that Ojibade "fought with deputies...and had to be restrained" is vague and raises more questions than answers. Was he beaten? Was it filmed? What injuries did he suffer in the process of being restrained? Was he given medical attention for his injuries? What does the autopsy show as his cause of death?

Georgia Community Protests Police Killing Of Yet Another Black Man

AFRICANGLOBE - “I don’t believe it. They didn’t find the gun when he was frisked and put in the police car. It was a big gun.” Mothers pushing baby strollers and throngs of young men marched Thursday night to a Savannah, Georgia police station “demanding justice” for 29-year-old Charles Smith, who was shot and killed Thursday morning by a Savannah police officer while in custody.

Death In Custody: Georgia Cops Shoot Handcuffed Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Police say a Savannah, Georgia, police officer killed a handcuffed man Thursday as the man allegedly tried to break out of a patrol car, a shooting that stirred up citizens and prompted the mayor to acknowledge that the community has "many questions."

Black Woman Joins Confederacy Group, Makes History

AFRICANGLOBE - The weather may have been gloomy in Savannah on Dec. 14, but Georgia Benton was all smiles as she was inducted into the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Not only is Benton the first African-American member in the Savannah Chapter, but she’s also the first in the state of Georgia.