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Zimbabwe’s Black Empowerment Minister Harassed, Detained In Nazi Germany

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe's environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere was detained Saturday morning at Munich International Airport in Germany after arriving on a flight from South Africa. Kasukuwere said he was held for three hours after arriving on Germany on his way to Poland to attend the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention.

Zimbabwe to Open ‘Blacks Only’ Stock Exchange

As Zimbabwe's liquidity declines and its stock market slumps, President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party says it will soon launch a racially exclusive stock exchange in which only black people will be able to trade shares in foreign-owned companies it plans to seize.

Zimbabwe: Platinum Giant Cedes Control to Black Zimbabweans

AFRICANGLOBE - Impala Platinum Limited is expected to sign the terms of the sale of a majority shareholding in its local unit, Zimbabwe Platinum Mines, today, a Cabinet minister has announced. Zimbabwe's Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere said Implats, the world's second largest platinum company, owns about 87 percent in Zimplats.

Morgan Tsvangirai Standing in the Way of Zimbabwe’s Economic Empowerment

The already gaping cracks in Zimbabwe's unity government have been further widened this week, after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai publicly dismissed the ZANU PF...

Zimbabwe Wants New Mining Policy With 100% Local Ownership of Mines

Zimbabwe's Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere says government is set to adopt a policy that will see Zimbabweans having 100 percent shareholding in...

Robert Mugabe Reads the Riot Act to Foreign Miners

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has read the riot act to foreign-owned firms that are refusing to comply with Zimbabwe's indigenisation and empowerment laws, saying...

Canadian Owned Gold Mine Loses Licence For Failure to Comply With...

Zimbabwe's leading foreign owned gold mine has had it's mining licence withdrawn for its failure to comply with Zimbabwes newly enacted Indeginisation Act.

Barclays, Impala in Indigenisation Talks With Zimbabwe's Government

Barclays plc and Impala Platinum Holdings Limited have received letters from the Zimbabwean government regarding submissions made to meet a requirement to sell half their local units to indigenous Zimbabweans.