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Atlanta School’s Cheating Scandal

Teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students' test sheets and filling in the correct bubbles. At another Atlanta...

Corruption Scandal Threatens to Implicate Washington Mayor Vincent Gray

In recent days, residents of the nation’s capital have viewed the rapidly unfolding details of a massive campaign fraud that potentially runs all the...

Courageous Black Secret Service Woman Exposed Colombia Sex Scandal

A Black Secret Service agent is being hailed as the heroine in what is reportedly the worst scandal in the agency’s history. Paula Reid is...

Americas Summit Ends in Fiasco for Obama

The Americas Summit held in Cartagena, Colombia over the weekend limped to a close Sunday with the 30-some participating heads of state unable to...

Chinese Underage Sex Scandal Sparks Anger in Zambia

 Zhang Daliu, 46, a carpenter from China never imagined himself in the dreadful confines of an overcrowded Zambian jail where conditions are so terrible that they lead to gastronomic disorders and skin diseases within days of confinement. But that is how the dice has fallen for Zhang and three other expatriate Chinese artisans: Hong Pin Liu, 46, a carpenter; Yang Gang Qiang, 36, a welder; and Zhu Xiang, 51, a bricklayer.