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Dirty Tricks: We Have Trayvon Martin’s School Records – Zimmerman’s Lawyer

AFRICANGLOBE - The legal team for George Zimmerman, the neighbourhood vigilante accused of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, has received a copy of the 17-year-old's school records. "We are entitled to receive the school records because some information in Trayvon Martin's file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman,"

Judge Grants George Zimmerman Access to Trayvon Martin’s School Records

A judge ruled on Friday that attorneys for George Zimmerman, the neighborhood vigilante charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin,...

Dirty Tricks: George Zimmerman Wants Trayvon Martin’s School Records

  Former neighborhood vigilante and accused murderer George Zimmerman wants to use Trayvon Martin's school records as part of his defense. Zimmerman's attorney said Friday he...