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Africans Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Europeans – Thanks To Neanderthals

AFRICANGLOBE - The immune systems of Europeans were partly shaped by the introduction of new genetic variants through interbreeding between early European ancestors and Neanderthals. Strong evidence of selection on genes that control the immune response and that Europeans 'borrowed' some key regulatory variants from Neanderthals. These variants affect the way their immune systems respond to viral challenges, giving them a lower response to infection than those of African descent. One study suggests Americans of African descent have a stronger immune response to infection compared to Americans of European descent.

Africa’s Youth Set To Lead World Science

AFRICANGLOBE - An emerging generation of young people in Africa has been tipped to set the international agenda in the field of science and technology. Leszek Borysiewicz, the vice-chancellor of Cambridge University and the former chief executive of the UK’s Medical Research Council said he believes that the continent’s youth was its greatest asset and was set to make important contributions to scientific research and development.