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Thousands Of African Skulls And Bones Are Still Being Held In...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 1,000 skulls and bones belonging to East Africans and brought to Germany for racial "scientific" research during the colonial era are still in storage in Berlin, a media report said Tuesday. Public broadcaster ARD said it had obtained lists of the human remains that are still held by the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which administers the capital's state museums.

Scientific Racism Rears its Ugly Head Once Again

AFRICANGLOBE - Scientific racism has no place in 21st-century academia. Yet somehow, Jason Richwine was able to successfully defend a dissertation at Harvard in which he wrote that Hispanics have a substantially lower IQ than Whites and that because of the hereditary nature of IQ, this fact should be considered when designing immigration policy.

Scientific Racism, Militarism, and the New Atheists

AFRICANGLOBE - Scientific racism is a term seldom used today but which has a long and ignoble history in the modern world. In the late 18th century, the renowned scientist and philosopher Christoph Meiners published his famous treatise The Outline and History of Mankind. Central to his analysis was a qualitative comparison of peoples by race - a comparison which his own popularly-accepted findings claimed revealed a clear hierarchy.