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Understanding Somali Piracy On Land And Sea

AFRICANGLOBE - While many are celebrating the decline of Somali piracy, its root causes must be understood and addressed if progress is to be lasting. Since its explosion in 2007, Somali piracy has become one more reason for the negative news coverage Somalia has been receiving the past two decades. However this year has been a turning point in the fight against piracy and many are celebrating the decline in the number of attacks as the end of the phenomenon.

Durban to Be First African City to Generate Electricity From Sea

The South African eastern port city Durban plans to generate electricity from the sea. The project being driven by Durban municipality and businesses aims...

NATO Allowed African Refugees to Drown in the Mediterranean Violating International...

According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 1,500 African refugees have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe since the beginning of the war against Libya in March.

Apartheid Era Party Preventing Blacks From Moving Back on Their Land...

The ANC in South Africa's Western Cape province is accusing the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's apartheid era political party of preventing blacks from moving into a "Jewish area" they were evicted from during apartheid.

Radioactivity Rises in Sea Off Japan Nuke Plant

TOKYO - Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply in seawater near a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in northern Japan, signaling the possibility of new leaks...