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Saudi Arabia Turns to Ethiopia for Food

Saudi Arabia's oil keeps the world turning, but the Kingdom is thirsty for water. For years, the government subsidised domestic food production to feed...

EAC Tourism Launched in Kigali, Rwanda

A new platform to promote tourism in the east African region was on June 25 launched in Kigali, Rwanda. The platform was launched at Kigali...

Kenya, Russia Mull Direct Flights

Kenya and Russia have agreed to initiate the process of signing a bilateral air traffic agreement that will allow the national carriers of the...

Companies Battle for Positions in the Ghana Club 100 Rankings

Companies operating in Ghana will be battling it out at the 2011 edition of Ghana Club 100 (GC100) scheduled for 12th September this year. The...

Ghana’s 2011 Non-Traditional Exports Hit $2.4 Billion

Ghana's Non-Traditional Exports (NTEs) raked in $2.423 billion in 2011 representing an increase of almost 50 percent. In 2010 the country recorded about $1.629 billion...

Nigeria Making Strides in Infrastructure Development

As economic growth in South Africa slows, a number of fast-growing alternative economies have become viable options, as countries aim to establish themselves as...

South African Manufacturing Creates More Jobs

South Africa's manufacturing sector is enjoying higher levels of employment for the first time in over a year and activity remains stable, according to...

Summit Aims to Prepare Africa for ICT Revolution

After a fruitful opening of ICT Indaba 2012 in South Africa, what has been noticeable is the significant deliberations around policies that Africa needs...

U.S.-Exim Bank to Provide $1.5 Billion in $10 Billion Power Deal

The United States EXIM Bank has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nigeria's Federal Government to provide $1.5billion as its commitment towards the...

South Africa’s Industrial Policy Plan Paying Dividends

Since it was introduced over two years ago, South Africa's Industrial Policy Plan (IPAP2) has stabilised the clothing sector, turned around the automotive sector,...

Africa Must Diversify to Create More Jobs, Says Okonjo-Iweala

Arican countries should rebuild their fiscal buffers and diversify their economies away from commodities in order to protect themselves from another possible global downturn,...

Nigerian Govt Signs U.S.1 Billion Mining Deal with Foreign Investors

In a move that will further diversify Nigeria's economy from the oil sector and kick-start an industrial revolution, the federal government yesterday signed a...

World Economic Forum Shows Quality African Leadership

The World Economic Forum is best known for its annual meeting at Davos in the Swiss Alps where, recently, focus has been on the...

Political Will Needed to Boost Intra-African Trade

It is time to move past diagnosis of why African countries do not trade nearly enough with each other or to the degree that...

Ethiopia Industrializing Bit-by-Bit

Ethiopia is taking advantage of rising wages in Asia, and its own natural advantages in agriculture and cattle-raising, to build a light-industry base that...

Ethiopia’s Ecotourism Potential

Ethiopia is eyeing harnessing its ecotourism potential as an instrument in poverty reduction, according to the country's Minister of Culture and Tourism. Speaking at the...