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African Development Bank Budgets $400 Million for Infrastructure Projects in Angola

The African Development Bank (BAD) has set aside about U.S.$400 million to fund infrastructure projects and promotion of Angola's private sector.

Africa's New Middle Class Lures Investment

During the past 10 years, six of the world's fastest-growing economies have been in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Economist magazine. Over the next five years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia may grow at an average of 7.2 percent annually, the Economist says.

Private Sector Key Africa's Economic Grow

According to former United Bank of Africa chief executive Tony Elumelu, the sector holds the key to laying a critical foundation for creating Pan African business perspectives.

Zambia Rebranding to Upscale Tourism

Zambia 'Lets Explore' is the new Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) slogan meant to attract tourists and create an environment that ensures an equitable balance between the development needs of the country and an investment climate for wealth creation.

Rwanda Targets 7 Percent Growth Despite Inflation

Rwanda's economy is expected to register seven per cent growth this year, despite pressure from increasing fuel and food prices.

Rwanda Tops Danish List of Tourist Destinations

  Denmark's largest and most influential newspaper, Politiken, has placed Rwanda at the top of a list of the World's tourist destinations that are overlooked. Politiken...

World Bank to Boost Energy Sector

The World Bank has approved $120m to improve electricity supply to the South Western region in Uganda by 2025. The five year project will benefit residential, public, commercial and industrial electricity customers who are currently served by the existing transmission line.

Tanzanian to Produce Anaerobic Digesters to Generate Clean Gas

As Tanzania goes through its worst energy crisis in recent years due to low electricity generation, the Centre for Agriculture Mechanization and Rural Technology (Camartec) has embarked on large-scale production of biodigesters that could help many families cope with the crisis.

Security Sector Reform: US, MDC-T Hypocrisy

Calls for immediate security sector reforms in Zimbabwe by America and its local regime change functionaries portray their unparalleled hypocrisy and fork-tongued nature. While the they are vociferously calling for our security structures to be neutered, their political and governance structures are replete with military and intelligence people who hold influential positions.

Big Oil Confab in Monrovia, Liberia

That Liberia is likely to become an oil producing and oil-exporting nation, after Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa, is no doubt good news for Liberians. Unlike Nigeria and Ghana, however, Liberia does not seem to have an entrepreneurial class capable of taking ownership of the new industry.

Government of Nigeria Creates Investment Ministry, Targets Creation of Three Million...

Nigeria's Federal Government, this week, created the Ministry of Trade and Investment in line with its promise to transform the economy within the next...

Tanzania's new Marketing Campaign to Increase Visitor Arrivals

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is currently working on an ambitious plan to re-brand the country's image so as to attract more visitors to the nation's abundant tourist sites, including wildlife reserves.

Zimbabwean Govt Sets Power Generation Targets

The Zimbabwean Government has targeted to increase power generation capacity from 1 960 megawatts to 2 800MW by 2015, as part of its infrastructure development programme during the five-year lifespan of the Medium Term Plan.

Namibian Minister Wants More Investment in Tourism

The Namibian Trade and Industry Minister, Hage Giengob, defended on Thursday in Ondjiva city in the southern Cunene province the need for the Namibian...

Manufacturing is the Answer to Poverty in Africa- UN Report

The Economic Development in Africa Report 2011 calls for "a practical, well-designed approach to industrialization, that is adjusted to specific country circumstances and based on extensive discussion with and feedback from businesses and entrepreneurs," the agencies said in a news release.

"Tourism is Nigeria's Secret to Development" – Runsewe

The Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, has said that tourism holds the key to Nigeria economic diversification as it is a veritable tool for stimulating rapid economic growth and development.