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Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill; Obama Praises Move

AFRICANGLOBE - A far-reaching bill to remake the nation's immigration system is headed to the full Senate, where tough battles are brewing on gay marriage, border security and other contentious issues, with the outcome impossible to predict.

US Sliding Towards Fiscal Cliff

AFRICANGLOBE - Fiscal Cliff : While much of the country is mired in snowstorms across the nation’s midsection and in Pennsylvania and New England, the nation’s capital is bogged down in Congress’ efforts to avoid skidding off the fiscal cliff.

Republicans Bringing Back the Politics Of Racism

In 1990, Harvey Gant, the African American Democratic nominee for Senate, was on the verge of defeating one of the most notorious opponents of...

Sen. Harry Reid Claims Mitt Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes for a...

As more questions swirl around Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and how much he has paid in taxes over the past decade, Senate Majority...

Liberian Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing Homosexuality

The Liberian Senate Thursday passed into law a bill that effectively bans homosexuality or homosexual marriage in Liberia. If concord by the House of Representative,...

Reid: Angry Old White Men Trying to Buy US Election

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says a group of "angry old White men" is bankrolling conservative outside groups that are spending millions to influence...

North Carolina Denies Compensation to Black Women Illegally Sterilized

The North Carolina Senate rejected a plan to compensate victims of a mass sterilization plan that targeted mostly poor minorities for decades in the...

Nigerian Senate Summons Ba, Virgin, Others Over Airfare Disparity

The Nigerian Senate, yesterday, summoned the British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Arik Airlines, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru and other stakeholders to...

U.S. Senate Calls On Sudan to Allow Immediate Humanitarian Access to...

In unanimously passing a bipartisan resolution Thursday night, the United States Senate has demanded that the government of Sudan allow immediate and unrestricted humanitarian...

George Clooney Testifies Before Congress on ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Sudan

Actor and director George Clooney testified before Congress on Wednesday about "a campaign of murder" under way in Sudan, where villagers run for the...

Nigeria Seeks to Borrow U.S.$7.9 Billion to fund Pipeline Projects

Nigeria's Present Goodluck Jonathan yesterday asked the Nigerian Senate to give go ahead to borrow another $7.9billion (N1.3trillion) from the World Bank to fund...

Nigeria Outlaws Same-Sex Marriage – Offenders To Get 10-Year Jail Term

AFRICANGLOBE - The Nigerian Senate today passed a Bill prohibiting same-sex marriage. Termed Same-Sex Prohibition Bill, it stipulates a 10-year jail term for offenders. Announcing the passage of the Bill, Senate president David mark said that marriage between same sexes is alien to the Nigerian tradition and against all African morals.

U.S. Losing Sway in Africa as China Rises

U.S. Senators voiced their concern on Tuesday that the United States has lost influence with African governments as China has emerged as the continent's main trading partner and a major source of investment for infrastructure development.

Same Sex Marriage Will Soon Attract a Prison Sentence in Nigeria

Bad news for gays and lesbians. Anybody wishing to contract a marriage with another person of the same sex had better leave the Nigerian shores or risk three years in jail.

Florida Redistricting Battles Heat-Up

Florida's redistricting battle is already littered with litigation. And before it culminates with new maps in March, lawmakers on both sides are poised for a charged battle over racial and ethnic divides, not to mention partisan control of the Florida Legislature and Congress.