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‘Grab Em By The P*ssy’: Trump Caught On Hot Mic Degrading...

AFRICANGLOBE - Audio of Donald Trump on a hot mic has recently surfaced, in which the GOP nominee casually describes his sexually predatory behavior around women. In 2005, while he was having a conversation with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush, the billionaire reality TV host and real estate tycoon told Bush about how he treats women, unaware his comments would later be heard by a wide audience. At the time of the conversation, Trump was newly married to Melania Trump, his current wife.

Nevada Extends Statute Of Limitations In Order To Target Bill Cosby

AFRICANGLOBE - The sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby, from one woman in particular, has led to a change in Nevada law. Gov. Brian Sandoval will sign a bill into law this afternoon to extend the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution of rape.

Former Australian Tennis Star Bob Hewitt Convicted Of Raping African Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Bob Hewitt, a former Grand Slam doubles champion, has been convicted in a South African court of rape and sexual assault. Judge Bert Bam said he was satisfied that the two women who had accused the retired tennis player of rape and a third woman, who had accused him of sexual assault, were telling the truth. The charges stemmed from events in the 1980s and 1990s, when Hewitt coached the women as young girls. Hewitt, 75, denied all three charges.

Detroit Police Officer Rapes Women Who Called 911 On Her Boyfriend

AFRICANGLOBE - Deon Nunlee, a 39-year old Detroit police officer, is being accused of raping a woman who called 911 to report an alleged assaulted by her boyfriend. The woman, who is 31-years old, told investigators that after the officers arrived at her home, she was taken to an upstairs bedroom by one while the other remained downstairs with her boyfriend.

Protesters In Haiti Clash With UN Peacekeepers

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of protestors in Haiti hurled stones and other objects at United Nations peacekeepers calling for their removal from the speaking country.