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UN Extends Somalia Peacekeeping Force

The United Nations Security Council extended an African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia for four months on Wednesday as it mulls lifting an arms...

African Union Wants UN to Boost Somalia Forces, End Weapons Ban

The African Union urged the United Nations Security Council to bolster its peacekeeping force in Somalia and lift arms-import and charcoal-export bans on the...

After Kismayo – What Next for Al-Shabaab and Somalia?

After a long wait, the Kenya Army finally entered the southern Somali port city of Kismayo on 28 September, following an attack by sea,...

Into Africa – American War On Terror’s Newest Frontier

The US government's heightened preoccupation with "terrorists" is out of proportion with the threat these groups actually pose to the United States. So what...

Somali’s al Shabaab Crumbling Says African Union Commander

Somalia's al Qaeda-allied al Shabaab fighters are close to collapse, with large numbers fleeing the war-torn country headed for Yemen, the commander of the AU forces...

Muslim Terrorists Declares New War Against Somali Govt

The Al shabaab terrorist movement, which has already asserted its allegiance to Al Qaeda, on Saturday declared new war against the internationally backed transitional federal government of Somalia.

Islamic Terrorist Al-Shabab Executes Somali Boy

The Al shabaab group, which the US alleges to be Al Qaeda's proxy in the horn of Africa nation, on Thursday executed a young Somali boy in coastal district of Harardhere.

Al-Shabab Terrorists Driven out of Mogadishu by African Union Troops

Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab rebels were driven out out of key positions in the war-torn and famine-struck capital of Somalia on Saturday, with the country's president proclaiming the city "fully liberated."

Museveni's Hand Pushes Somalia to the Edge

Riots that broke out on the streets of war-torn Somalia's capital Mogadishu on June 10 were expected. Tension had been building for more than a week since an agreement signed in Kampala on June 9 called for the ouster of the country's popular Prime Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed aka Farmajo.