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Remembering The Sharpeville Massacre

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africans commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre on Saturday, when 69 people were killed and 180 others wounded for protesting apartheid. The day is hallowed on the South African calendar as "Human Rights" day, but as politicians lead the nation in remembering Sharpeville, what is often forgotten about that bloody day is just as significant as what is recalled.

South Africans Remember Sharpeville Massacre on Human Rights Day

AFRICANGLOBE - March 21 is a day that many White setlers in South Africa would rather forget, but for many the Sharpeville Massacre serves as a reminder of the country's White past, one which they hope never to slide back to. Despite the emotion and sadness that engulfs Human Rights Day, activists say it should never be forgotten.

Mining Massacre in South Africa Brings Back Memories of Apartheid

South Africans are reeling from the massacre by police of more than 30 striking platinum miners, questioning how such a brutal massacre could happen in...