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Racial Democracy Or Informal Apartheid? South Africa And Brazil

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the years, there has been a long running debate as to which nation is/was the most racist against Black people. Traditionally, in comparison with the United States and South Africa. Brazil’s particular brand of racism could actually be seen as even more efficient than that of the other two countries because of the fact that for decades, Black Brazilians, the victims of the country’s sophisticated method of racism, often bought into the idea that Brazil was in fact a ‘racial democracy‘.

Brazilian Apartheid: Military Police Stop Blacks From Entering Malls

AFRICANGLOBE - On Saturday, six São Paulo shopping malls managed with the support of the courts to block their automatic door so that police and private security guards could identify who they wanted to allow to enter. The target of discrimination: Low-income Black youths.

Repatriation – Advice for Those Who Just Got Back to Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Here are some tips for anyone who has recently returned from the United States or Europe. When I was growing up, IJGBs – 'I just got backs' – were a rare commodity because in the '80s and '90s hardly anyone ever 'got back'.