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Autopsies Show Marikana Miners Were Shot in the Back

Police would not comment on Monday morning regarding reported allegations that workers killed during the Marikana massacre were fleeing from police. "We can not comment...

George Zimmerman Worried About Wife’s Safety After Mug Shot is Released

George Zimmerman fears for his wife's safety after she was arrested Tuesday and her mug shot made public, according to the accused killer’s lawyer. Shellie Zimmerman,...

Police Claim Man Who Was Shot For $2 Bus Fare Shot...

The case seemed all too familiar. A young black man gunned down by police in a shootout in a neighborhood plagued by violence. Police said the man fired first. Activists called it police brutality.

Former NFL Star Shot Dead by Police in California

Former Cincinnati Bengals running back David 'Deacon' Turner was shot dead after a confrontation with police outside a convenience store. Deputies were called to the...

Ten Africans Shot Dead By Tunisian Police,Dozens Injured

The eye witness said that the wounded refugees were currently at the city's hospital but denied medical treatment. "The medical staff there were not giving them any treatment and ignoring them completely," he said.