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These African Tech Startups Set To Change The World

AFRICANGLOBE - The Global Disrupt 100 Index 2018 ranks this year’s 100 most innovative startups from across the world. The ventures were judged by global brands including Google, Uber and Oracle, as well as tech accelerators and renowned entrepreneurs.

Rwanda Is Constructing Africa’s Answer To Silicon Valley

AFRICANGLOBE - Kigali Innovation City, which is poised to have a Pan-African human and economic development impact to step up Africa’s transformation agenda. Located in Kigali’s Special Economic Zone, the project is valued at about $2 billion and will host world-class universities, technology companies, biotech firms, and commercial and retail real estate on 70 hectares of land.

Five Cities That Have The Ingredients To Become The Next Silicon...

AFRICANGLOBE - According to World Bank data, there are now more than 90 tech hubs across Africa. Regions such as South East Asia have also caught the eye of both investors and intrepid entrepreneurs. The following five most promising tech cities in emerging markets have all the right ingredients to become future startup capitals.

Report: Technology Creating Black Underclass

AFRICANGLOBE - Silicon Valley is creating a mostly Black underclass of service workers who are paid low wages and few benefits to work inside some of the world's wealthiest companies, says a report released Monday by Working Partnerships USA.

How Africa Is Out-Innovating Silicon Valley

AFRICANGLOBE - When things turned ugly after Kenya’s 2007 elections, an unlikely group of heroes — young African coders — developed a platform that used cellphones and the Internet to track the violence. Ushahidi, as it was called, would go on to transform not only government accountability in Nairobi but, more broadly, digital mapping around the world.

The Best States For Black Business Owners

AFRICANGLOBE - According to most recent data from the Census Bureau’s 2007 Survey of Black Business owners, the number of Black-owned businesses in the U.S. increased by 60.5 percent between 2002 and 2007, reaching 1.9 million, . In comparison, the national rate of businesses peaked at a mere 18 percent during that same period.

Silicon Valley: Budding Black Scientists Learn From Success And Failure

AFRICANGLOBE - Attention, Tesla Motors: Your next budding engineering genius lives right in your backyard and has a question and a hunch about aerodynamics for you. Ayinde Olukotun, 11, was intrigued by the electric car company's decision last year to raise its new Model S higher off the ground after a series of well-publicized battery fires.

What African Tech Companies Can Learn From Apple

AFRICANGLOBE - Today Apple is the world’s most valuable brand and the largest publicly traded company, with market cap exceeding $416 billion and annual revenue reaching $156 billion. The Silicon Valley giant, led by the late tech-revolutionary Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak, started what has become a pacesetter in the tech industry.

Kwanzaa Expo Mixes African-American Culture With Technology

AFRICANGLOBE - A Kwanzaa expo with a Silicon Valley twist drew young people to San Jose from all over the Bay Area on Saturday for a lively celebration of African-American culture. Along with dance and music celebrating the annual African-American holiday at the Kwanzaa Village Youth Expo was a message:

Tech Cities – Africa’s Next Big Thing?

AFRICANGLOBE - One is dubbed ‘Africa's Silicon Savannah', taking a cue, of course, from the Silicon Valley high-tech industry on the west coast of the USA. And the other being spearheaded by the Ghanaian tech-businessman, Roland Agambire, already being referred as ‘Hope City'. I call them Africa's next big idea.

The 25 Most Influential African-Americans In Technology

AFRICANGLOBE - There are tons of African-Americans throughout the country doing amazing things in the field of technology, but a lot of people just haven't heard about them.

Roy L. Clay, Black Godfather of Silicon Valley

AFRICANGLOBE - Many accomplishments of African Americans such as Roy L. Clay tend to be erased or buried by mainstream historians. On one hand, successful sports and entertainment figures are idolized as we celebrate our physical and artistic talents. On the other hand, our mental giants – scientific innovators, inventors and titans of business – are rendered invisible.

Konza City: Kenya Breaks Ground On Multi-Billion Technology City

AFRICANGLOBE - The much awaited historic Konza Technology City, which is equated to the famous Silicon Valley in the United States of America, is now a reality after the official launch by Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki on Wednesday.

African Apps Take on Mobile Gaming Industry

Move over Japan. Move over Silicon Valley. Africans are making a bid to turn the continent into the new home of mobile gaming. With more...

Wanted: Nigeria’s Own Silicon Valley

Let me quickly state that I am amongst the few who truly believe that a way to accelerate Nigeria – and Africa –  up from...

Planning Africa’s First Silicon Valley

America's Silicon Valley is a combination of different factors all bought together in one place. It is a fearsome combination of experienced people, capital...