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Blac Chyna Gets Into Fight In Africa While Promoting Skin Bleaching

AFRICANGLOBE - Blac Chyna is bringing her self-haterd to Lagos, Nigeria to promote her foolish skin bleaching cream, which is bizarrely titled Whitenicious, the 30-year-old mother of two was caught on camera getting into a fight outside of car in Lagos, Nigeria.

Degenerate Blac Chyna Is Heading To Africa To Promote Skin Bleaching

AFRICANGLOBE - We are cool with people coming to Africa to sell and promote their products but when you come to the continent to sell stuff that is harmful to us - then we have a problem. The world at large has taken to social media to express disgust at the notion of Blac Chyna is visiting to promote a skin-bleaching product to Nigeria - a country already battling such a problem. Then she has the audacity to say she is excited to come to Nigeria and we say: "Please be excited somewhere else!"

Black Is Beautiful, Stop Bleaching Your Skin

ARICANGLOBE - Recently, I met an old friend from high school who I had not seen in awhile. I remember her from back in the day with her radiant dark skin and an exuberant personality. Alas, her face had turned uncharacteristically light with prominent scarring and widespread discoloration. Surprisingly, her arms and legs have remnants of her original skin tone. She now wears the niqaab or face-veil and became introverted. She says she was happier with her natural skin and now she spends a lot of money to restore a healthy skin. My old friend is not alone in this misery.

Here’s Why Ghana Is Banning Skin Bleaching

AFRICANGLOBE - The harmful practice of skin-bleaching remains a serious issue across Caribbean, African, and Asian countries; but fortunately, one country is doing something about it. The West African nation of Ghana has taken a stand against the multi-billion dollar skin-bleaching industry with a new daring piece of legislation.

Toxic Whiteness: Ivory Coast Has Banned Skin-Whitening Creams

AFRICANGLOBE - "Black people are seen as dangerous," Jackson Marcelle, a Congolese hair stylist living in South Africa who regularly uses skin lightening creams, told the BBC of these stereotypes in 2013. "That's why I don't like being Black. People treat me better now because I look like I'm white."

Skin Bleaching In Africa And The Subject Of Black Beauty

AFRICANGLOBE - Almost every year, a fresh debate erupts in the media around bleached skin and other alterations to appearance that African women embark upon. I suspect that this year will not be different. This topic will once again make the rounds. One of my New Year wishes is that accusations of "wanting to be like white people" or "being ashamed of being Black" will not drown out whatever else Africans around the world have to say regarding the various choices they make.

An ‘Unfair’ Obsession That Plagues India

AFRICANGLOBE - Pregnant women in rural India still believe that they will give birth to pale skinned babies if they drink milk of a white cow. Indian perception that pale is lovely and eternally beautiful has become genetical, bolstered further by those abysmally abominable TV commercials which keep proclaiming 24x7: "Don't get sunburnt, use skin whitening creams

The Politics And Culture Of Skin Bleaching In Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - The past 25 years have witnessed fundamental sociopolitical and cultural changes in Sudan. Women have been the terrain of many of the uneasy shifts in the country, even down to their skin, they are now being encouraged to practice skin bleaching

Why Do African Women Practice Skin Bleaching And The Golden Niche...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 2011 study into the dangers of skin bleaching found that many of the products used for the purpose contained inorganic mercury, a substance that can cause kidney damage, suppress immunity, induce anxiety and depression, and even permanently destroy the nerves in the limbs and skin.

Caribbean Doctors Want Ban On Skin Bleaching Products

AFRICANGLOBE - Doctors in Antigua and Barbuda are preparing to lobby the country's government to draft and enact legislation to limit the importation and use of skin bleaching products. News of this development was revealed by Caribarena Antigua in a report that quoted physician Patrick Matthew as saying that skin bleaching among the nation’s women had reached critical levels with life-threatening consequences.

The Skin Bleaching Epidemic In Africa And The Diaspora

AFRICANGLOBE - Psychologists say there are also underlying reasons why people practice skin bleaching - but low self-esteem and, to some degree self-hate, are a common thread. I like White people. Black people are seen as dangerous; that's why I don't like being Black. People treat me better now because I look like I'm White.