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Bernie Sanders Jewish People Enslaved Black Americans Too: Now Cut The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The book "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" revealed that Jews and Christians, were responsible for the enslavement of Black people in America. This documentary leaves no doubt of the Jewish involvement and control over the Atlantic Slave trade.

Anger Over EU’s ‘Slave Trade’ Rhetoric As Naval Operations Begin In...

AFRICANGLOBE - More than 300 leading migration experts have collectively denounced plans for military operations against Libyan smugglers, calling them “entirely self-serving”, based on “a dangerous perversion of history”, and reminiscent of the actions of countries that enabled the 18th-century slavery business.

Western Development, The Slave Trade And Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - There are many new books on World History, which try to explain why some Nations fail and others succeed: FukuYama’s “The End of History And The Last Man”, Andrew Marr’s “Making of Modern Britian”, Pankasls Mushrab’s “From the Ruins of Empire”, Ian Morris’ “Why the West Rules--- for Now”, Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson, Dan Broidy and so on.

Tracing the Arab/Muslim Trade of Enslaved Africans in the Indian Ocean

AFRICANGLOBE - David Livingston, the English explorer, is unjustly given a lot of credit for halting or ending the slave trade in East Africa, but according to my guide Livingston’s maps made it easier for the Arabs to penetrate the “interior” and that after the British abolished slavery, the Arabs continued at the Mangapwani Caves located about “20km north of Zanzibar Town along the coast.”

Slave Trade: Sins of the Past and Present

AFRICANGLOBE - Every day sees visitors breaking down in tears while touring 97,000-square-foot Elmina Castle in Elmina, west of Cape Coast, Ghana. Built in 1482 by the Portuguese as a gold trading post on the Gulf of Guinea, it was turned into a fortress for the transatlantic slave trade by the Dutch in 1637.

Brazil – An Inconvenient History

AFRICANGLOBE - While the history of slavery in the US is widely known, few people realize that Brazil was the largest participant in the slave trade. Forty percent of all slaves that survived the Atlantic crossing were destined for Brazil, while only four percent were sent to the US. At one time half of the population of Brazil were slaves, and it was the last country to officially abolish slavery in 1888.

The Power-Packed Image That Led Call for the End of Slavery

The old saying is that “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Here’s an example of one image which spoke volumes more, leading to increased...