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Africa Dark Continent or Shining Light?

Once 'hopeless' and now 'rising', Western narratives around Africa may tell us as much about what's going in the West as in Africa itself. The...

South African Miners Freed After Ridiculous Murder Charge Dropped

The second and final batch of South African miners has been freed after ridiculous murder charges were dropped following a national outcry. The 106 miners...

Janjangbureh – Gambia’s Historical Island

One of the most historical Islands that you cannot avoid as a Gambian or visitor to The Gambia is no other Island than the...

Black Politicians All About the Dollar

Back in slavery days, there were hundreds of thousands – perhaps millions – of brave Black men and women that resisted the exploitation, the abuse and the oppression of the wicked enslaver. Those fearless men and women would constantly seek to live their lives as free citizens. They would plot and plan 24-7 to find ways to escape the plantation and go back to Africa or to just get the hell away from their devilish white captors. But their efforts and desires to change their lives and conditions oftentimes rested merely on a wing and a prayer.

History 101 For Herman Cain

AFRICANGLOBE - Our brother Herman should have been aware that Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy! When the Lord enquired of Abel’s, “the keeper of the sheep,” whereabouts; Cain, “the tiller of the soil,” in arrogance responded, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Obviously answering his own question, he meant “No! I am not my brother’s keeper!” The Lord was so annoyed with Cain; he put a mark on him before he was forced to depart from the divine presence to dwell in the Land of Nod!

Debt Ceiling: All "Great Compromises" Always Harm African Americans

During this debt and deficit debate President Obama has been very clear on his position that an agreement must include revenues: "Not only is it...