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Selfie Addicts Probably Narcissistic And Possibly Psychopathic – Study

AFRICANGLOBE - People who repeatedly snap pictures of themselves and post them online may be showing signs of mental illness along with the photographs. Experts have linked the compulsion to post “selfies” on social media sites with everything from attention-seeking social dependence to very low self-esteem, but a new American study focussing on men found that those who posted selfies regularly, scored higher than average for anti-social traits.

Sad: Black Americans The Number One Users Of Social Media

AFRICAMNGLOBE - A new study by the Pew Research Center reports that 29 percent of African Americans tweet, compared to 16 percent among Whites and Latinos, respectively. And 30 percent of Blacks use LinkedIn, compared to the 22 percent of the Whites and 13 percent of Latinos who post resumes and connect on the professional networking site.

Mixed-Race Miss France Faces Racist Backlash

AFRICANGLOBE - A mixed-race beauty queen who was crowned Miss France 2014 earlier this month has faced racism on social media sites. As she accepted her Miss France 2014 title, Flora Coquerel, 19, said: “I’m proud to represent a multicultural France.” However, within minutes, social media was drowned with incendiary comments.