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Wealth Gap Leads to Health Gap, With Blacks On the Bottom

AFRICANGLOBE - The Washington Post recently reported that “a growing body of research” has revealed that the widening gap between the affluent and the less-so in this country isn’t just about money. There is also a gap in health and life expectancy caused by income levels.

The 2012 Elections What Does it Mean for African Americans

With the First Black President having put social security cuts on the bargaining table before even being sworn in, ignoring record black unemployment and mass incarceration, and doubling down on every abhorrent Bush policy from imperial wars in Asia and Africa to letting corporate polluters and criminal banksters go unmolested, what is the 2012 election really about for black America? Bragging rights?

Social Security Cuts Will Cripple the Black Community

Two fresh dangers in the looming Social Security battleground confront Blacks. The GOP presidential candidates posed one when they again called for partially privatizing Social Security in recent stump speeches and statements.

Jamaican Politicians Furious Over Colour Prejudice by Non-Black Business Owners

As anger boils in Jamaica over reports of colour prejudice in the job market, a livid labour and social security minister, Pearnel Charles, has likened the skin-tone discrimination to apartheid South Africa and has vowed to drag bigoted employers before the courts.

Social Security Cut Will Drive Single, Senior, African American Women Into...

The chained CPI, a Social Security COLA cut on the table in deficit talks between the President and Republicans, could dramatically worsen poverty among unmarried senior African American women.