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Black Men: Not A Lost Cause

AFRICANGLOBE - Two important reports by philanthropic groups dedicated to improving the lot of Black men have just been released, adding a measure of hope to the gloomy and depressing tone that normally accompanies media reports on the state of Black men.

Catholic School Sued for Sexual Abuse of Haitian Children

A former pupil of a Catholic school for disadvantaged youth in Cap-Haitien, Haiti has joined 22 other former students in filing a lawsuit against...

Muslim Clerics in India Ban Marriages Based on Love

Police in northern India are investigating a village council after it banned “love marriages” and barred women under 40 from shopping alone or using...

Israel; Where it is OK to Be Racist Against Africans

The inflammatory comments of Israeli politicians have stoked protests and attacks against African migrants in recent months. It is sad to se how Israeli people...

ANC Needs Radical Shift in Policy Says Jacob Zuma

The ANC needs to come up with a radical shift in policy to address the problems of poverty, unemployment and inequality, party president Jacob...

BOYS TO MEN: When Do You Cross the Line Between the...

When does a boy become a man? At puberty? When he fathers a child? When he can provide for himself? When he can support...

South Sudan Civil Society Groups Call For Arrest of Sudan’s Bashir

South Sudan should not tarnish its reputation as the world's newest nation by hosting the international fugitive, Omer al-Bashir, a coalition of South Sudanese...

Liberia Moves Cautiously on Oil Discoveries

News released at the end of February that Liberia was on the cusp of an unprecedented oil discovery garnered much more than just praise...

Abdoulaye Wade a Fraudulent Pan-Africanist

Abdoulaye Wade is 85 years old. Or is it 86? Or 87? Who Knows? He is bidding for a third term as the president...

What is the Reality Like for Black Children Growing Up in...

To be black and Italian at the same time is a new reality the Italian society is still struggling to accept. Adoption and increase in...

Civil Society Snub Zuma’s African Agri-Solution

South African President Jacob Zuma's declaration on "climate smart and carbon markets" as a climate change solution for African agriculture has raised suspicions among roughly 100 civil society organisations at the COP17 conference in Durban.

Obama Effigy Torched By Right Wing U.K. University Students

An effigy of Barack Obama is said to have been torched by members of the Conservative Student Association at St Andrews University in the U.K. The statue of the US President is said to have been set alight during a meeting at the weekend, sparking outrage from local MPs and the Scottish University.

Despite Claims of a "Post-Racial" Society, Widespread Bias Continues in America

Recent public opinion polls show that more whites than African-Americans believe that the United States has entered a "post-racial" era in which racial bias doesn't exist. But social psychologists and experts on race relations dispute that, citing wide racial disparities.

Boy Who Speaks Six Languages Wins Place at Top Japanese University

A young Black Briton who taught himself Japanese and speaks five other languages has won a prestigious scholarship to a top Far East university.

Nigeria May Become 3rd Most Populous Nation, Says UN Chief

An increased annual economic growth rate from the current seven percent, encouragement of integrated development in economy, agriculture, urban and rural sectors, provision of a good health system, education, power, railway, could see the country become one of the most important economies in the 21st century.