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Black Girls, ‘It is Possible to Dream Big’

Growing up in her native Kenya, Juliana Rotich was the lonely, young “geek” with oversized glasses at school. Today she is a highly successful...

Ugandan Students Develop Software to Monitor Unborn Babies

Three students at Makerere University in Uganda have designed mobile phone software that can monitor foetal movements and heartbeats. The innovation won Josiah Kavuma, Aaron...

SKA South Africa and IBM to ‘Go Big’ in Space

Square Kilometre Array (SKA) South Africa has announced plans to work with multinational tech giant IBM to develop a next-generation "big data" platform for...

Software APPs for Farmers Win Prizes

The increasing use of software applications (widely known as apps) in solving Africans' problems has been highlighted by the three winning entries of the...

Meet Africa's Father of Technology

Innovator, disruptor, and West African software pioneer, Herman Chinery-Hesse wants to make Ghana the "Singapore of Africa". Given he's already created one of Ghana's most successful software companies and is spawning innovations that solve barriers to trade between Africa and the rest of the world, he has a good chance.

IT Gurus Who Aim to Transform Kenya

Kenya is on the verge of greatness. We have made a name for ourselves globally, now we need to harmonise our efforts. We can shift the economy so that this sector brings in more than a quarter of the country's revenues

11 Ways to Circumvent Internet Blockades and Tracking

There are plenty of circumvention tools, but using them carries a risk. That's the main message of a recent study by human rights group Freedom House. It also depends exactly what you're doing on the internet: uploading, downloading or just surfing.