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Ethiopia and Somalia: Being Good Neighbours

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite comments by Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn suggesting the pending withdrawal of his country's troops from Somalia, many experts have voiced doubts that Ethiopia will pull out of Somalia before it is capable of handling its security without assistance.

Somalia: Mogadishu Rebuilds Despite Uncertain Peace

AFRICANGLOBE - Here in Mogadishu, Somalia's shattered capital, a sustained period of relative calm holds, allowing the city's buildings to come back to life, thanks to a massive reconstruction effort. Labourers gather at dawn, hauling pails of stone and work tools, leaving only when the sun sets.

Somalia: Time to Catch Up With the Rest of Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Somalia is on the road to recovery after more than two decades of collapse. Now is the time for all the citizens to help the government achieve its goals by being patient and tolerant.

Somali Army Recruits to Be Trained In Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - Somalia will soon start training its military recruits in its own territory after years of them being trained in Uganda. European Union head of delegation in Uganda, Roberto Ridolfi, said with effect from this year the training will be conducted in Somalia.

U.S. Set to Recognise Government in Somalia

AFRICANGLOBE - When the Secretary meets with Hassan Sheikh, she will exchange diplomatic notes with him and recognize the Somali Government in Mogadishu for the first time in 20 years, since the collapse of the Siad Barre government in 1991. We believe that over the last four years, our policies in Somalia and in the region have made a significant difference in strengthening stability in Mogadishu and in helping to get rid of the key members of the East Africa al-Qaida

Ugandan Troops In Somalia Control 75,000 sq kms

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan troops in Somalia now control 75 000 square kilometers of the troubled country, their commander Brigadier Michael Ondoga has said. 

He said the Ungandans had made great strides in the last seven months, after successfully flushing Al-Shabab militants from their bases.

Somalia: Govt Forces Kill Top Al-Shabaab Commander

AFRICANGLOBE - The Somalia National Army (SNA), backed by its intelligence and Police force, have conducted a raid on Sokohola and killed the overall...

US Military Behind Africa News Websites

The website's headlines trumpet al-Shabab's imminent demise and describe an American jihadist fretting over insurgent infighting. At first glance it appears to be a...

UN Extends Somalia Peacekeeping Force

The United Nations Security Council extended an African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia for four months on Wednesday as it mulls lifting an arms...

Uganda Holds Somalia Hostage in High-Stakes Diplomacy

AFRICANGLOBE - Anxious to cover up its illicit involvement in neighbouring DRC’s on-going rebellion, Uganda has played its trump card: threatening to pull its...

Somalia Gets First Female Foreign Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - Somalia's PM Abdi Farah Shirdon has on Sunday officially nominated his first cabinet ministers, after weeks of wide-extensive consultations with the president...

African Union Wants UN to Boost Somalia Forces, End Weapons Ban

The African Union urged the United Nations Security Council to bolster its peacekeeping force in Somalia and lift arms-import and charcoal-export bans on the...

Uganda Sleeps As Kenya Reaps Big in Somalia

Peace is returning to Somalia. Kismayu, the largest remaining seaport and stronghold of the al-Shabab militants, fell to Kenyan forces at the end of...

Fresh Blood for East Africa, But Can New Leaders Fix Old...

East Africa is a generally known as a region where leaders can settle down and make themselves comfortable in power. Look at Eritrea, where...

Somalia: The end of a Failed State?

What does Somalia's first presidential election in 40 years mean to a nation seeking to filter itself from the shadows of a war-torn failed...

Al-Shabaab Commander Killed by Kenyan Army in Kismayu Attack

A senior Al Shabaab commander was among seven people killed as Kenya Defence Forces continued shelling the Somali port town of Kismayu. Military Spokesman Colonel...