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South Africa’s GDP Slows, But Manufacturing Resilient

South Africa's economy grew at a slower rate in the first quarter of 2012, but not as slowly as analysts had forecast, with mining...

South Africa’s Industrial Policy Plan Paying Dividends

Since it was introduced over two years ago, South Africa's Industrial Policy Plan (IPAP2) has stabilised the clothing sector, turned around the automotive sector,...

Growing Confidence for Investments in Africa

Growing optimism and confidence among international and local investors has led to significant inward investment into the continent over the last decade, according to...

Ties With Emerging Economies to Benefit Africa

African countries south of the Sahara are set to benefit from their engagement with emerging economies like China, India and Brazil as these powerful economies outsource some of their industrial activities. There is increasing indication that emerging economies seek to outsource some of their industrial activities, particularly in light manufacturing, to developing nations. This would be a change of attitude from regarding developing countries, especially those in Africa, as sources of raw materials.