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South Africa’s Ruling ANC Suffers Biggest Electoral Blow

AFRICANGLOBE - With more than 95 percent of votes counted Friday in municipal elections, South Africa's ruling party appeared to be headed for its biggest electoral blow since it won power at the end of apartheid 22 years ago.

Malema Case: Game Changer In South African Politics?

AFRICANGLOBE - After three years of delays, the high-profile corruption case against South African opposition leader Julius Malema has been thrown out out of court. Judge Billy Mothle said the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party is free.

Malema: South Africa’s Person Of The Year

AFRICANGLOBE - Julius Malema owned 2014. First: Malema smacking down a white dude in a burger joint for acting like a white bully, ushering in an inevitable lawsuit from white supremacist Afrikaner lobby group AfriForum.

South Africa: 2014 In Review – A Turbulent Year IN South...

AFRICANGLOBE - It has been a stormy year in South African politics. We look back at our fact-checks of dodgy data, political spin, false claims, bogus qualifications and a bizarre conspiracy.

The Legacy of Julius Malema In South African Politics

AFRICANGLOBE - Julius Malema is a political creation of the 2007 fall of South Africa's former President, Thabo Mbeki, from power. As the newly-elected leader of the ANC Youth League, Malema became instrumental in Mbeki's ouster as the rugged kingmaker of the rising political star, Jacob Zuma.

Political and Historical Issues in the South African Miners Revolt

The August 16 massacre of 34 striking miners at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana and the spreading confrontation between miners and the Jacob...