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Jacob Zuma Admitted To Hospital For Tests

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma has been admitted to hospital for tests, the presidency said in a statement on its website. "Doctors are satisfied with his condition," the statement said on Saturday.

Jacob Zuma Appoints First Lesbian To South Africa’s Cabinet

AFRICANGLOBE - The South African president and notorious womanizer, Jacob Zuma, has appointed the country's first openly lesbian cabinet minister, a move thought to be an appeasement tactic on a continent where homosexuality is seen as anathema to African values.

Africa Loses U.S.$60 Billion Annually Through Illicit Financial Flows – Mbeki

AFRICANGLOBE - Monies for infrastructure and social amenities for the poor African population are being transferred to other countries via illicit financial flows. A former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, on Sunday in Abuja said African countries lose between $50 billion and $60 billion annually through illicit financial flow, IFF.

Africans Must Unite Says Former South African President

AFRICANGLOBE - Our beloved Pan African iconic revolutionary leader on Pan Africanism and Pan African Renaissance, asked us as Africans in Diasporas and in Africa, to define ourselves.

South African President Blames Striking Mine Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma yesterday voiced concern over frequent violence during the ongoing strikes at the platinum sector. “We think we need to be very emphatic to everybody that there should be no strike, no protest with people armed with dangerous weapons, that’s where we should stop it.”

World Mourns Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s ‘Greatest Son’

AFRICANGLOBE - World leaders and human rights activists from around the globe mourned the death of South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela on Thursday, praising the long-ailing 95-year-old as an inspiration to the abused and downtrodden worldwide.

Nelson Mandela Movie to Open in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Nelson Mandela was amused by the elaborate makeup process a British actor went through to play him in a film based on his autobiography, the movie's producer said Saturday of a special screening for the former South African president last year.

In Search of a New Pan-Africanism

AFRICANGLOBE - - Bridging the gap between Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance has been a top priority for the African Union (AU). But with a military coup in Egypt, instability in Sudan and Mali, and even the ailing health of former South African President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, solidifying its purpose and mission as the continent's mouthpiece has been a bumpy road for the organisation.

Nelson Mandela On Life Support

AFRICANGLOBE - Well-wishers and supporters continued Wednesday to gather outside of the Tshwane hospital where the former South African president Nelson Mandela has been receiving treatment for nearly three weeks and the South African president canceled a Thursday trip amid worry about his health.

Nelson Mandela Recovering Well From Infection

AFRICANGLOBE - Nelson Mandela, the ailing former South African president and anti-apartheid hero, is recovering well from a lung infection which has kept him in a serious condition in hospital for a week, his grandson says.

Africa Loses U.S. $50 Billion Annually to Illicit Fund Flow

AFRICANGLOBE - The Chairman of the United Nations High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, Thabo Mbeki, has said that the continent loses, at least, $50 billion annually through illicit fund flows.

Thabo Mbeki Working On Draft Agreements on Abyei, Border Conflicts

While talks between South Sudan - South are in recess for the rest of the month, Thabo Mbeki, head of the African Union High...

Mbeki Calls for Closer Economic Cooperation Among African States

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki this week said African regional economic intergration is one of the fundamental conditions for the success of African...

$50 Billion Stolen From Africa Each Year

Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, says an estimated 50 billion dollars is smuggled from Africa illegally every year. Mbeki made the statement in Johannesburg...

African Union – The Power to Resist Foreign Intervention (I)

AFRICANGLOBE - A decade ago an academic then at one of the South African Universities, Xavier Renou, wrote: "There is a permanent reluctance among academics to call a spade a spade and a predatory (or imperialist) policy as such. In the case of French Foreign policy in Africa, very few academics have pointed at its dramatic consequences, and even fewer have been prepared to describe them as resulting from deliberate criminal choices aimed at fostering a small minority's interest, at any cost."-Xavier Renou: "A Major Obstacle to African Unity: the New Franco-American Cold War on the (African) Continent", 2000?)