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South Africa Racial Segregation Video: School Accused Of Separating Students By...

AFRICANGLOBE - A video showing school children from a South African school being separated according to color of their skin while on a field trip has gone viral. The video shows students from Curro Roodeplaat School in Tshwane being led off buses by race while on a safari outing on June 3. Then school teachers are seen taking the white and Black kids to different buses.

South Africa: Africans In Particular, Black People In General, Not Welcome

AFRICANGLOBE - Xenophobia in South Africa is more accurately described as afrophobia, and that the DA and ANC governments are generally afrophobic. This year looks set to be another gloomy one for asylum seekers, as the ANC government makes a renewed attempt to deport and restrict the number of African migrants to South Africa. Africans are not welcome anywhere, even as tourists, and must jump through dozens of hoops to apply for visas to enter almost every country in the world to prove their worthiness.