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South Africa: No African Is A Foreigner In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - No African is a foreigner in Africa! No African is a migrant in Africa! Africa is where we all belong. No amount of national-chauvinism will erase this. No amount of deportations will erase this. Instead of spilling Black blood, we should all be making sure that we rebuild this continent and bring to an end a long and painful history - that which, for too long, has dictated that to be Black is a liability.

Zulu King’s Ignorant Anti-Foreigner Speech Causes Alarm

AFRICANGLOBE - Comments by the Zulu king that foreigners should go back to their home countries because they are changing the nature of South African society with their amanikiniki or goods and enjoying wealth that should have been for local people have horrified foreigners who have been dealing with a spate of xenophobic attacks around the country.