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Continuing Racism Lead South Africans To Doubt Mandela’s Vision

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the more shocking recent incidents in south Africa involved white students at a boarding school in the town of Jan Kempdorp stripping a Black student, tying him to a bed, lathering him with shampoo and raping him. Police confirmed the attack, which took place weeks after the ringleader harassed the Black student for having dated a white girl.

South Africa: From Apartheid To Xenophobia

AFRICANGLOBE - After breaking free from decades of apartheid – with the support of their fellow Africans – many South African Blacks have become hostile to African migrants in their country – a phenomena some experts attribute to growing frustration over the lack of jobs and economic inequality.

South Africa’s Afrophobia A Legacy Of White Monopoly Capitalism

AFRICANGLOBE - The American investment bank, Citigroup, recently ranked South Africa as the world’s richest country in terms of its mineral reserves, worth an estimated $2.5 trillion. South African whites and Western foreigners own a staggering 80 percent of this wealth. South Africa is unquestionably the world’s most racially unequal society.

South Africa Must End This War On Africans Now!

AFRICANGLOBE - There is a war in South Africa. Our African brothers and sisters are being openly attacked on the streets. It does not matter which country you were born in, or what part of South Africa you come from, or what language you speak. If you are poor and Black, you are excluded from this democracy with the open use of violence.

South Africa Rocked By Anti-African Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - Four people were killed and shops owned by immigrants (other Africans) in South African townships in the coastal city of Durban looted and burnt, police said on Monday, as violence against Africans by ignorant South Africans escalated.

Zuma Says South Africans Are Lazy

AFRICANGLOBE - “If I were a dictator, I would change a few things. For example, I would say to the family ‘you need a house, here is the material. Build your house,’ that’s what I would say,” “Our people are not used to standing up and doing things." “If you just close your eyes for a year and vote me a dictator, I would change these things,” the Citizen quoted Zuma as saying.

Israel’s Africa Policies ‘An Exercise In Cynicism’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African spies have a deep disdain for their Israeli counterparts, with intelligence assessments accusing Israel of conducting "cynical" polices in Africa that include "fuelling insurrection", "appropriating diamonds" and even sabotaging Egypt's water supply.

South Africans Ask Zuma To Resign

AFRICANGLOBE - These requests made up the majority of the recommendations made to Zuma on social networking sites following an invitation by the presidency for people to send suggestions for the president's State of the Nation Address.

Foreigners In Soweto Appeal For Help

AFRICANGLOBE - Foreign nationals want the South African government to help them following attacks and looting of their shops in Soweto, they said on Thursday. “The government must help us. We have been attacked and left with nothing,” said Temesgon Worku, from Ethiopia.

South Africans Concerned Over ‘Unruly’ National Assembly

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this month, police were called into the assembly after an opposition lawmaker called President Jacob Zuma a "thief." He had been protesting a parliamentary decision to clear the president of any blame for spending some 246 million rand worth of public funds to renovate his country estate.

Nigerian Billionaires Dominate Africa Rich List

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria has more billionaires than any other country in Africa, including the continent’s wealthiest man and the world’s richest Black woman, according to a ranking published this week. The collective wealth of Nigerians on the rich list stands at $77.7bn, more than double that of South Africans and almost as much as the rest of the continent’s billionaires combined.

S. Africa: Plans To Create Govt-Funded Shrine To White Supremacy Stirs...

AFRICANGLOBE - A proposal to turn the South African home of a slain White supremacist into a government-funded museum has angered South Africans who say...

Two Years After Marikana Massacre, A Challenge To South Africa’s ANC

AFRICANGLOBE - The killing of 34 miners by South African police drew attention to the cozy relationship between big business and the ruling ANC. Some South Africans feel betrayed by the party that led the fight against apartheid.

S. Africa Pushes Black Economic Empowerment Program

AFRICANGLOBE - White settlers still control 80 percent of South Africa's land and 90 percent of the top 100 companies. From 1948 to 1994 South Africa went through apartheid, a brutal segregation system imposed by the country's White invaders.

‘Strikes May Be Start Of Worker Revolution’ In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - A prominent economist has warned that South Africa might be witnessing the start of a worker revolt against the capitalist structure of the economy. The union movement virtually wanted to bring down the existing capitalist order and the White imperialist and colonial economic structure to its knees.

South Africans Win $100,000 Africa Innovation Prize

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africans, Dr. Nicolaas Duneas and Nuno Pires won the African Innovation Foundation’s Innovation Prize for Africa 2014 for creating the first injectable porcine derived BMP medical device in the world. The Altis Osteogenic Bone Matrix can be used in treating bone injuries and voids using a regenerative biological implant.