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South Africans Pray for Mandela

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africans prayed for Nelson Mandela's recovery as the 94-year-old former president spent a second day in hospital with a recurring lung infection.

Kleinfontein: South Africans Shocked by ‘Whites Only’ Settlement Guarded by Militia

AFRICANGLOBE - A resident had to be "an Afrikaner with Voortrekker heritage, a Protestant Christian and abide by the Blood River covenant," in order to live in Kleinfontein, a "Whites only" settlement just minutes away from south Africa's capital.

South Africans Remember Sharpeville Massacre on Human Rights Day

AFRICANGLOBE - March 21 is a day that many White setlers in South Africa would rather forget, but for many the Sharpeville Massacre serves as a reminder of the country's White past, one which they hope never to slide back to. Despite the emotion and sadness that engulfs Human Rights Day, activists say it should never be forgotten.

South African Scientist a Forbes ‘Power Woman’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African scientist Dr Patience Mthunzi has been named on Forbes Magazine's 2012 list of the 20 "Youngest Power Women in Africa" - women under the age of 45 who are bringing about positive change on the continent through their influence on business, technology, science, policy or the media.

ANC Losing Control of South Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is the ANC losing control of South Africa? That’s the intriguing premise explored in a story on the BBC. The piece focuses on...

Nelson Mandela Hospitalization Worries South Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Nelson Mandela’s second hospitalization this year has raised concerns among South Africans and around the world about the future despite government assurances...

South Africa: Check – For The Lies & More Damn Lies

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma will have South Africans believe the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. Tim Harris, the opposition's shadow minister of finance, said the gap is widening and the president is talking nonsense. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks to a new fact-checking service called Africa Check, people who love the truth can find out.

A “Triple” Betrayal in South Africa

The arrangement whereby Whites surrendered political control of South Africa, while continuing to dominate the economy, has become indefensible. “Workers seeking to organize outside...

Mining Massacre in South Africa Brings Back Memories of Apartheid

South Africans are reeling from the massacre by police of more than 30 striking platinum miners, questioning how such a brutal massacre could happen in...

Boost for Kenyan Tourism As SA Firm Unveils Mombasa Flights

South African low-cost airline 1Time will begin flights between Johannesburg and Mombasa in March. The introduction of the new flight is expected to stimulate the tourism market and grow the number of South Africans visiting Kenya and vice versa.