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Zuma Says South Africans Are Lazy

AFRICANGLOBE - “If I were a dictator, I would change a few things. For example, I would say to the family ‘you need a house, here is the material. Build your house,’ that’s what I would say,” “Our people are not used to standing up and doing things." “If you just close your eyes for a year and vote me a dictator, I would change these things,” the Citizen quoted Zuma as saying.

Africa’s Best Country For Business?

AFRICANGLOBE - The Economist's Intelligence Unit has released its Business Environment Rankings, looking at which country is likely to be the most business-friendly in the world leading up to 2018.

Shrinking Economy Challenges South Africa’s New Government

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's economy shrank 0.6 percent quarter-on-quarter in the first three months of this year as a massive decline in output from the strike-hit platinum mining sector triggered the first overall quarterly contraction since a 2009 recession.

Was Mandela’s Hand Forced During the Apartheid Negotiations?

AFRICANGLOBE - As I pondered over the relevance of “African journalism” in post-apartheid South Africa, my mind turned to the ailing Nelson Mandela and how we, as African journalists, have not given his life story an African perspective. The dominant and celebrated perspective is that of the forgiving Mandela who did not insist on reclaiming what he has been robbed of.

South Africa Is Not An African Country

South Africans are a fatally different breed of dark-skinned people who are in deep trouble because they continually have thought themselves out of existence in the name of globalisation or progress. For the past three and a half centuries, not only have the privileged Africans allowed themselves to be alienated from their own history, heritage, culture and languages, but have collaborated in wiping out their identity.

Violent Strikes Worsen South Africa’s Economic Situation

AFRICANGLOBE - Unlawful or violent industrial action could only worsen South Africa’s economic situation, according Roger Jardine, the CEO of Aveng, one of the country’s largest construction companies. This makes Jardine to be among the first of South Africa’s chief executive officers to come out publicly criticising the violent strikes and their impact on the country’s economy.

South Africa Posts 2.5% GDP Growth In 2012

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's economy posted moderate growth of 2.5% in 2012, down from 3.5% in 2011, Statistics South Africa reported on Tuesday, with gross domestic product (GDP) growth up from 1.2% in the third quarter to a stronger than expected 2.1% in the fourth quarter.

Zuma Wants to Take Control of South African Economy From White...

South Africa's economy is still under apartheid-era White minority control and Blacks must reclaim the continent's financial and mining powerhouse, President Jacob Zuma said...

South Africa’s GDP Slows, But Manufacturing Resilient

South Africa's economy grew at a slower rate in the first quarter of 2012, but not as slowly as analysts had forecast, with mining...