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Afro-Uruguay: A Brief History

AFRICANGLOBE - When we think of the great nations of the African diaspora—Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, the United States—the South American republic of Uruguay is not one of the first names to come to mind. To the contrary: the recipient of almost 600,000 European immigrants between 1880 and 1930, Uruguay has long presented itself to the world as one of the two “White republics” of South America (its neighbor Argentina is the other).

Afro Latinos’ Mixed Identity Can Leave Them Out of the Mix

AFRICANGLOBE - Growing racial pride and a move to a more multiracial society with changing demographics are helping Afro Latinos stake a claim to being both Black and Latino.

South African Defense Contractor Denel Chasing Orders Worth R35 Billion

AFRICANGLOBE - State owned defence company Denel is pursuing orders worth R35 billion and hopes to grow its revenue to more than R7 billion over the next five years, targeting primary markets in Africa, the Middle East, South America and the Asia-Pacific.

Brazil, Colombia Grappling With Racism That Keeps Blacks on Bottom

For decades, Brazil touted itself as the most racially diverse society in the world, celebrating the idea that there was no racism in Brazil because its...

Undersea 100 G-Tech Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable To Link Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - New Atlantic Ocean undersea fiber-optic cable to connect Africa, South America, North America and Europe, has been launched. Wasace Cable Company Worldwide will build and operate the new undersea cable, which was said to be the first trans-Atlantic system to deploy the next generation 100 G technology - ten times the capacity of previous systems.