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White Supremacist Plotting Dylann Roof-Style Massacre Arrested By FBI

AFRICANGLOBE - A 29-year-old white supremacist from South Carolina who was plotting an attack inspired by Charleston terrorist Dylann Roof was arrested by federal agents in an FBI sting this week. The FBI on Wednesday arrested Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina, in the parking lot of a Hampton Inn in Myrtle Beach after he purchased a Glock and hollow point ammunition from an undercover federal agent for $109.

Video Shows Dylann Roof Practicing Before Terror Attack That Slaughtered 9...

AFRICANGLOBE - 'He shot all the people, please come,' were the words spoken by one of the Charleston church massacre survivors in a frantic 911 call after gunman Dylann Roof opened fire on her congregation. Polly Sheppard, 86, was spared by the white supremacist on June 17, 2015, to spread word of his killing spree. Roof killed nine parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in an attempt to start a race war.

Race Terrorist Dylann Roof Convicted

AFRICANGLOBE - A jury on Thursday convicted Dylann Roof of slaughtering nine Black members of a Charleston, South Carolina, church. He was convicted of 33 federal charges, from hate crimes to the obstruction of the practice of religion. Roof, 22, walked into the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, commonly referred to as “Mother Emanuel,” in June 2015 during Bible study. He sat with congregation members before taking out a gun and starting his massacre.

Michael Slager Staged Crime Scene After Killing Walter Scott

AFRICANGLOBE - A South Carolina prosecutor accused a white former police officer on Thursday of staging a crime scene, where he had just shot dead an unarmed Black motorist, by moving a Taser closer to the handcuffed dead body so he could claim the victim had taken the stun gun. Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager, 34, is on trial for murder over the 2015 shooting death of Walter Scott, 50. Slager shot Scott five times in the back as Scott fled from a revenue stop allegedly for a broken tail light.

South Carolina Will Seek Death Penalty For Dylann Roof

AFRICANGLOBE - The chief prosecutor in Charleston, South Carolina will seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof, the white supremacist charged with murdering nine members of a historic African-American church.

KKK Clash With Black Panthers At Confederate Flag Rally In South...

AFRICANGLOBE - Tensions ran high at South Carolina’s Statehouse as hundreds of members of the New Black Panther Party and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) attended two separate rallies for and against the Confederate flag. Scuffles broke out with at least five people arrested.

Serena Williams Refused To Play In South Carolina Over Confederate Flag

AFRICANGLOBE - Did you know that Serena Williams pulled out of the Family Circle Cup in South Carolina in support of the NAACP’s call for a boycott over the Confederate Flag flying above the state house dome. After winning her first round match at Wimbledon on Monday, Serena Williams shared her feelings about the Charleston massacre, calling the June 17 shooting of nine Black worshipers by a white supremacist “unspeakably sad,”

Another Black Church On Fire In South Carolina

AFRICANGLOBE - The Mt. Zion AME Church in Williamsburg County, South Carolina is on fire and the roof has collapsed, according to local reports. Emergency crews are at the scene fighting the blaze. It’s currently unknown how the fire began, but local WCSC reported that officials received a call about it around 9 pm. The church is located on Mackey Road in Greeleyville.

Cops Bought Dylann Roof Burger King Hours After Charleston Massacre

AFRICANGLOBE - Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford told the Charlotte Observer that when Roof complained he was hungry, cops went to a nearby Burger King and bought the accused mass murderer a meal while he was in custody.

Two Men From Charleston – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - It is no surprise to me that worshipers at the church in South Carolina that had Denmark Vesey as one of its founders was the place chosen by a white racist to be the place where he would murder innocent Black people. Most of us are church people like Denmark Vesey was but we know oftentimes “proper limits” might have to be exceeded in order to right a wrong in South Carolina or in any other place in the world. Sometimes marching and praying might not be all that needs to be done.

How The Confederate Flag Adopted By Dylann Roof Continues To Divide...

AFRICANGLOBE - Flags were flying at half-staff on Thursday in South Carolina after the cold-blooded killing of nine Black people in an historic African-American church in Charleston - with one notable exception. Outside the legislature in the state capital Columbia, the racially divisive Confederate battle flag still flies high, renewing debate over its symbolism more than 150 years after the Civil War defeat of the slave-holding rebel South.

What White Supremacists Are Saying Online About The South Carolina Terror...

AFRICANGLOBE - What are avowed white supremacists saying about the shooting? There are 19 hate groups currently operating in South Carolina, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. None of these groups have claimed affiliation with Roof as of yet—though Roof has been photographed wearing a jacket adorned with the flags of Apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), suggesting, at least, that he may have held some pretty traditional racist views.

NRA Blames Charleston Shooting Victims For Their Own Deaths

AFRICANGLOBE - The NRA, the largest and most powerful gun advocacy group in the world, typically mutes itself after mass shootings, and demands that others follow suit out of respect for the dead. Board member Charles Cotton, however, strayed from the script late on Thursday, when he posted a comment online blaming the pastor killed in the South Carolina shooting, Clementa Pinckney, for the death of his eight congregants.

White Terrorist Savage Murder Nine People At Black Church

AFRICANGLOBE - A 21-year-old white terrorist with a criminal record killed nine people at a Bible-study meeting in a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, in an attack U.S. officials are investigating as a hate crime.

Blacks Are Killed By Police At A Higher Rate In South...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Tuesday, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was charged with murder in the shooting death of Walter L. Scott, after video evidence clearly showed Slager firing eight shots into Scott’s back as he fled. That’s extremely uncommon. Last month, The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina, identified 209 suspects in the state in the past five years who were fired at by police; 79 died. The State could find only three police officers who were charged with a crime in connection with any of the 209 shootings.

Police Murder In South Carolina

AFRICANGLOBE - The entire state is culpable in the development of what is, in fact, a paramilitary occupying force, composed of death squads operating under the cover of the law. The killing of Scott exposes not only the savage violence carried out by police every day in American cities, but also the modus operandi used to justify these actions. In the three days between the shooting and the release of the video, police and local officials, together with the media, were giving out the standard rationalizations and lies.