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Arabs And Tuaregs Join Forces Against Africans In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - At least 40 people have been killed in a week of ethnic clashes in southern Libya between rival gunmen from the African Toubou and Tuareg minorities, a local official said. The latest fighting centred on the oasis city of Sabha, the largest in the Libyan Sahara, the official said.

Fighting Renewed Between Tuaregs And Africans In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - Clashes have re-erupted between rival Al-Tabu and Tuareg tribes across southern Libya's Ubari town after several weeks of tense calm. "Clashes were renewed on Thursday evening between members of the two tribes after Al-Tabu militants attempted to advance into the town's east in an attack that involved medium to heavy weapons," a military official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

France ‘Ready’ To Bomb Rebels On Libya Border

AFRICANGLOBE - France says it is ready to carry out strikes against fighters crossing out of Libya's southern border, and prevent the flow of weapons to groups fighting in Africa's lawless Sahel region.

Fresh Tribal Clashes Kill 7 In Southern Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - Seven people were killed and 23 others injured in fresh tribal clashes between African and Tuareg nomads in Libya's southwestern town of Ubari, a medical official said Tuesday.

Black, Green And The Struggle For Libya

AFRICANGLOBE - The battles currently raging in the South of Libya are no mere ethnic clashes. Instead, they represent a possible burgeoning alliance between Black Libyan ethnic groups and pro-Gaddafi forces intent upon liberating their country of a neocolonial NATO-installed government.

Uneasy Calm In Southern Libya After Ethnic Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - A tenuous peace has taken hold in Libya's southwestern city of Sebha more than a month after ethnic clashes killed at least 70 people, with tensions still high between communities living there, many of whom have their own armed militias, according to local residents.

Black and Arab Tribes Clash in Southern Libya

A fierce gunfight between two tribes in Libya's remote southeastern desert has killed at least 17 people in the past two days and wounded...