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African Countries Race To Build Sovereign Wealth Funds

AFRICANGLOBE - Resource-rich African countries are busy setting up sovereign wealth funds, but critics say the funds may not serve the long-term interests of poor countries that still need to invest in basics such as schools and roads.

Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Potential Of Tanzania And Mozambique

Oil, gas, minerals…it is the story of many emerging African economies. Foreign investors flock to these countries with new ideas, new technologies, and more money. Presidents and prime ministers announce new discoveries and rightfully hype the potential of the country. But how do you keep the momentum going in the long run? Start a sovereign wealth fund (SWF).

Africa Experiencing Surge In Sovereign Wealth Funds

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is experiencing the strongest growth in new sovereign wealth funds in the world as its nations are amassing commodity revenues and large foreign-exchange reserves, JP Morgan Asset Management said on Monday.

Africa’s Sovereign Wealth Funds: Investing for the Future

AFRICANGLOBE - The governments of countries that produce natural resources are now trying to find a solution to the booms and busts of the commodity cycle. Over the past few years a handful of countries have set up new Sovereign Wealth Funds to invest assets and earn revenue for future generations.

Africa: the Rise of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

AFRICANGLOBE - African sovereign wealth funds are emerging to save and invest resource revenues. If efficient, they could also boost domestic growth and credit ratings. A spate of sovereign wealth funds are opening across Africa as resource-rich countries look to manage their revenues.