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Gorbachev Warns Of Major War In Europe Over Ukraine

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev warned that tensions between Russia and European powers over the Ukraine crisis could result in a major conflict or even nuclear war, in an interview to appear in a German news magazine on Saturday.

Are We On The Brink Of Another Cold War?

AFRICANGLOBE - Haven't the Republicans, the neo-conservatives and the mainstream media been telling us all these years that America won the Cold War? They spoke too soon. From the residue of the old Soviet Union, a new nationalist, nuclear-armed, resource-rich Russia has risen to challenge Western claims of triumphalism. The new Cold War is upon us, and the American elites have no suggestions except to fight it again.

Russia-Africa: A Widening Gap

AFRICANGLOBE - It is hard to agree with the international relations experts who argue that the Russo-Africa relationship is close-to nonexistent. How can one even make such a statement considering that the grandfather of Russia's greatest poet and founder of the language proper, Alexander Pushkin was African?

African Union – The Power To Resist Foreign Intervention (II)

AFRICANGLOBE - Of course we can also cite other very negative developments which took place in Africa during the period of the Cold War, where these developments must be attributed to administrations which the Soviet Union supported as progressive representatives of what was characterised as the 'non-capitalist path of development'. In this regard we can mention specifically the Sekou Toure administration in Guinea Conakry, and the Ethiopian 'Dergue', led by Mengistu Haile-Mariam.