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Nigerian Army Claims More Success Against Muslim Terrorists Boko Haram

AFRICANGLOBE - An unconfirmed number of terrorists died on Saturday as 10 additional camps used by terrorists were overran in the continuing offensive operations against the terrorists in Sambisa Forest, the Nigerian military disclosed last night.

Libya In Crisis: Special Forces Unit Joins Rogue CIA General

AFRICANGLOBE - The commander of the Libyan army's special forces says his troops are joining forces with renegade general Khalifa Haftar, who has vowed to rid the country of militant Islamists and eradicate "terrorism."

Fierce Fighting Erupts in the Eastern Libyan City of Benghazi

AFRICANGLOBE - At least four soldiers and one civilian have been killed after special forces clashed with armed fighters in the eastern port city of Benghazi, the army has reported.

Malian Troops Advance On Kidal

AFRICANGLOBE - Malian special forces advanced towards the rebel-held town of Kidal on Thursday on a scouting mission ahead of a possible assault on the last stronghold of the Tuareg terrorist MNLA