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Public Enemy Drops Timely New Video “No Sympathy From The Devil”

AFRICANGLOBE - For those who grew up in the 1980s, Public Enemy was one of a handful of nationally-known hip-hop acts that created socially-conscious rap almost exclusively. Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X and the crew were on the forefront of calling out media manipulation, systemic racism and bigotry, and the widespread mistreatment of Black people in America.

Post-Racial America Is BS – Spike Lee

AFRICANGLOBE - Spike Lee calls it like he sees it. And he recently stated that a post-racial America is “bullsh*t” and police departments don’t treat all Americans equally. He also took a swipe at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” TV show, saying it highlights the “destruction of the modern world.”

The Lynching Of Eric Garner

AFRICANGLOBE - Let me be clear – Eric Garner was lynched. He was brutally assaulted and choked to death by a police officer who, supposedly trained, abused his authority with deadly precision. It is not enough to state that the officer used deadly force because when it comes to Black males and police, there is a violent regularity that has persisted for decades.

White Supremacy Stripped Bare: What “Do The Right Thing” Tells Us...

AFRICANGLOBE - 25 years from now the terms “inner-city” and “urban” may no longer be short hand for “Black folks.” It has been 25 years since Lee’s “Do the Right Thing,” attempted to help us make sense of the lives of the first post-civil rights generation. We are now two full generations removed from the summer of 1964, even as we are awash in nostalgia for that moment.


AFRICANGLOBE - Singer Pharrell Williams said that there is now a New Black, and he is one of them, thus generating a storm of controversy over the notion that we can, should, or have moved beyond the historic struggles of our past to a new, free, fresh and empowering identity.

Spike Lee Wants To See Trayvon Martin Story Told On Film

AFRICANGLOBE - Famed film director Spike Lee has expressed his desire to see the Trayvon Martin story told on the big screen. During an interview with theGrio, Lee commended 27-year-old new director Ryan Coogler for bringing his acclaimed independent film, Fruitvale Station the real life story of Oscar Grant,

Spike Lee: Help Me Make My Next Movie

AFRICANGLOBE - Today Spike Lee is asking his fans for help to make his next film. His latest feature, due out October 25, is an American remake of the violent Korean film “Oldboy” starring Josh Brolin and Samuel L. Jackson. Lee wants to do a new film and he’s joined Kickstarter to ask for funding assistance.

Electioneering: Obama Asserts Blackness in New Video

In a video being called "odd" by conservative Internet provocateur Matt Drudge, the Obamas talk about their first movie, Spike Lee's "Do the Right...