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Armed White Supremacist Turn Up At Michael Brown Protests In Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - Heavily-armed members of a controversial right-wing "patriot" group added an extra dose of unease to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, early Tuesday. The Oath Keepers organization says its members — all former military, police and first responders — pledge to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Two Police Officers Shot Outside Ferguson Police Department

AFRICANGLOBE - Two police officers were shot during a protest outside Ferguson, Missouri, police headquarters early on Thursday, police said, just hours after the city's police chief quit following a damning U.S. Justice Department report into his force.

America’s Wartime Police Gun Down Another Black Man In St. Louis

AFRICANGLOBE - A police officer shot and killed a Black man after he allegedly pointed a loaded pistol at him in a St. Louis suburb near where Michael Brown an unarmed teen was murdered by a white officer in August, police said on Wednesday.