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Former Powell Aide: Republican Party ‘Full of Racists’

Lawrence Wilkerson, a Republican who was chief of staff under former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Republican Party is "full of...

Nigeria to Unveil Locally Made Anti-Bombing Devices

The Nigerian Army will Thursday unveil locally made anti-bombing devices to curtail and immobilise vehicles used for suicide bombings, especially at worship centres across...

5 Tips To Succeed In Africa

Simon Lucas is the CEO of Reltex Africa Ltd, situated in Athi River, Kenya. The company manufactures and supplies the international community with shelter-related products,...

South African Airways Voted Best Airline in Africa

South African Airways (SAA) has been voted the best airline in Africa for the 10th year in a row by UK global aviation research...

Private U.S. Prisons Profiting From Youth Incarceration

Over the last several decades, America's prison population has tripled and annual prison spending increased by over $40 billion dollars. State and federal budgets are...

Northern Mali Facing Silent Crisis

While all eyes are on the ongoing political stalemate in Bamako, and the growing radicalism of groups such as Ansar Dine, Al-Qaeda in the...

Nigerian Student Languishes in Ukrainian Jail for Defending Self Against Racist...

Two Nigerian students studying in Ukraine were physically assaulted in front of their apartment by a gang of Ukrainian racists, one of the young men identified as Olaolu...

British Police Face Investigation For Racist Incidents

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is at the centre of a growing storm about police racism. Eight officers and one civilian member of staff...

The US Military: A Global Force, But Not For Good

In official folklore, the US armed forces are the virtuous repositories of honor, probity and moral virtue. But the real history and culture of the US military, from invading Spanish Florida to prevent its being a refuge for escaped slaves, to Wounded Knee, to massacres in Haiti and Central America, to Fallujah and marines urinating on Afghan corpses, are something else altogether.

Arab North Running Out of Money: Discontented Militia Raid State Offices...

Over 800 new recruits of Sudan's government-backed militia, the Popular Defense Forces (PDF), raided the state security services office in Al Kilik in South Kordofan on Tuesday.

Jamaicans and Nigerians Subjected to Racism and Humiliating Treatment by U.K....

Nigerian and Jamaican immigration detainees have been subjected to degrading treatment, use of force and racist language from private security officers while being removed from the UK, according to two major reports.

Libyan Ambassador Expelled From Zimbabwe for Switching Sides

Libya's ambassador was expelled by Zimbabwe along with his staff on Tuesday for switching allegiance to Libya's ruling interim council, according to the Foreign Minister.

Nigerian President Vows to Track Down Islamic Terrorists Who Bombed UN...

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday vowed to track down perpetrators of Friday's bomb blast at the United Nations building in Abuja, which left at least 23 dead and over 80 others injured.

UN Employee Implicated in Mineral Smuggling in Congo

Congolese authorities yesterday thwarted the alleged attempt by a member of staff of the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO) to smuggle the consignment of cassiterite ore when they stopped a UN vehicle at the border crossing in the DRC town of Goma, before it proceeded into Gisenyi in Rwanda.

Britain’s Secret Muti-Million Fund Aimed at Influencing Elections in Zimbabwe

In its June 19-25 edition, The Sunday Mail newspaper disclosed that the British government had launched a £3 million campaign fund for the so-called independent media and NGOs to influence the outcome of Zimbabwe's forthcoming elections.In light of the denials by the British Embassy in Harare and in the public interest, the The Sunday Mail newspaper reproduced one of the several documents in its possession detailing the scope of the funding.

Genocidal Actions by Government of North Sudan Must be Stopped

The government of Sudan is reported to have been carrying out activities of torture and mayhem in the South Kordofan, which could best be described as ethnic cleansing. Many a time when the government of Sudan is exposed on human rights abuses, it employs the fact that there is a picture that it is not in the good books of the west, and therefore writes it off as western propaganda.