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Africa At The Mercy Of Rich Men In London

AFRICANGLOBE - The West regards African agriculture as a “business opportunity”, albeit wrapped up in warm-sounding notions of “feeding Africa” or “lifting millions out of poverty”. The West’s legacy in Africa (and elsewhere) has been to plunge millions into poverty. Enforcing structural reforms to benefit big agribusiness and its unsustainable toxic GMO/petrochemical inputs represents a continuation of the neo-colonialist plundering of Africa.

Millions Of Hectares Of Land In Africa ‘Grabbed’

AFRICANGLOBE - Over 55 million hectares of land in Africa have been “grabbed” since 2000, according to research. More land had been “grabbed” in Africa between 2000 and 2012 than in the rest of the world combined, Dr Blessing Karumbidza, senior research associate at the Durban University of Technology, told the Africa land Grab conference in Midrand.