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Africa’s Middle-Class Boom Is Real – And It’s Gaining Speed

AFRICANGLOBE - The rise in Africa’s middle class has been over-hyped in recent years, but it is still a genuine phenomenon that is generating huge commercial and political opportunities, a new study says.

East Africa’s Oil And Gas Discoveries Could Kick-Start Economic Boom

AFRICANGLOBE - East African oil and gas discoveries are poised to fundamentally transform the economies of the region as the fuel resources usher in new investment in road, rail, power and industrial infrastructure, according to Standard Bank.

Zimbabwe Threatens Foreign Banks With Expulsion

AFRICANGLOBE - Foreign-owned banks in Zimbabwe –Barclays, Stanbic Bank and Standard Chartered Bank — have been told they can leave the country if they are not prepared to support its industries, it was reported on Friday. Zimbabwe’s Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere told African editors, who are in Zimbabwe at the invitation of the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum, that the banks were not supportive of the country’s economy.

African Markets Outperform Rivals

With global growth subdued, African markets are outperforming their rivals. As the global economy muddles through, African equity, FX, local bond and Eurobond markets are...

African Economies ‘To Remain Resilient’ in 2012

While economic growth in Africa will remain subdued at about 5% in 2012, in line with an expected slowdown in global activity, none of the continent's key economies are expected to slip into recession, a new report by Standard Bank says. The bank's latest African Markets Revealed report examines some of the key international and local factors that will drive markets in 21 African economies and covers strategies for investing in the continent across foreign exchange, interest rates, equities and Eurobonds.

South Africa's GDP Rises to 4.8 Percent in First Quarter

GDP was expected to come in at 4.2 percent. "We were surprised by the number. It is a very good number and good showing by the manufacturing sector