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Africa’s Richest Man To Pump Billions Into Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, has said he is ready to invest billions of dollars in Zimbabwe’s economic enablers, among them power generation, cement production and coal mining. The investments will start early next year as long as the Government of Zimbabwe expedites logistical issues.

Nigeria To Reclaim Airspace Management In Gulf Of Guinea

AFRICANGLOBE - President Muhammadu Buhari has directed Nigeria's Ministry of Aviation to take over the management of the Nigerian airspace in the Gulf of Guinea. The president also expressed concern about the absence of a national carrier and directed the ministry to look into the possibility of having one as soon as possible.

Former U.S. Army Sergeant Pleads Guilty To Attempting Coup In Gambia

AFRICANGLOBE - A former US army sergeant has pleaded guilty to involvement in the December 30th attack on Gambia's State House. He admitted conspiring to carry out the attack and conspiring to export weapons without a licence. He now faces jail in US. The plotters, led by former State Guard Commander Lamin Sanneh, had attacked the presidency in Banjul but were repelled by the gallant soldiers of the Presidential Guard.

Uganda Threatens China Railway Company Boss

AFRICANGLOBE - "You came here to do business, not politics; if you are not willing to cooperate, leave the country," Museveni reportedly told Dai Yang, the country head of China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation, which lost a bid to construct a Standard Gauge Railway in Uganda.

Invest On Our Terms, Zimbabwe President Mugabe Tells West

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabweans will be poor for centuries if they repeat the mistake of letting foreigners own the country’s natural resources, President Mugabe has said. The President noted that political independence without economic freedom is hollow.

Mum Bett Honored At Boston State House

AFRICANGLOBE - One of Massachusetts’ most important historical figures, former slave Elizabeth Freeman, was honored at the State House in Boston. Freeman, formerly known as Mum Bett, was one of the first enslaved Blacks in Massachusetts to file a “freedom suit” and win in court under the 1780 state constitution.

Obama Invites Goodluck Jonathan to Washington for Security Talk

AFRICANGLOBE - United States President, Barrack Obama has invited President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria for talks on issues bordering on terrorists activities in the African continent among others.