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Police Child Abuse: Cop Caught On Video Torturing Handcuffed Teenagers

AFRICANGLOBE - This disturbing footage captured a clear case of child abuse, as one of the juveniles is seen writhing in agony. A state investigation is underway after an infuriating video surfaced of two seated and handcuffed teenagers inside a holding cell at the Alton Police Department being casually pepper sprayed by Officer Vince Warlick- for seemingly no reason. The juveniles are residents of a local children’s home.

Video Shows New Jersey Cops Kill Black Man ‘With His Arms...

AFRICANGLOBE - This video appears to show the moment New Jersey cops shoot and kill a Black man with his arms raised to surrender. One of the cops tells Jerame Reid 'if you reach for something, you're going to be f***ing dead' before opening fire and killing him moments later.